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A movie theater is a special place. Since its origin, it has been subject to many changes, yet it has consistently been a place of passion for cinema adventure.. In order to thrill today’s audiences for years and decades to come and as well as win over new audiences, the standard concepts of film exhibition do not apply anymore. The goal is to create an experience with added value. Blending cinema and exhibition are tightly knit in various ways – and the same goes for my various services.

»Cinema is an excuse to leave one's own life for a couple of hours.«Steven Spielberg


Quality cinema is my passion. The development of individually tailored programs for theaters in Germany has been a fundamental part of my work for many years. The following questions have to be taken into consideration: What constitutes a diverse and compelling movie program which thrills the audience? What incentives get the targeted audience’s attention? How can content-related and commercial aspects be reconciled? From essential film research to attendingfestivals to s  to negotiating with film distributors – I will use all my skills, knowledge and contacts to enhance your cinema’s film guide or develop your programming strategy.



In the past, traveling and drive-in cinemas provided unique experiences for film lovers. Today, we have cinematic events in unusual locations which leave lasting impressions. The ideal combination of film content and place lends a specific charm to each of these events. This concept has already successfully been implemented by me for a town anniversary (approx. 30 singular screenings), at various public places (e.g. churches) and in  open air theaters. I will attend to your individual ideas and visions, compile a situational analysis and work out conceptional recommendations regarding the logistical implementation.



How is your own cinema perceived? Does it meet the audience’s expectations? Through what channels is the program being distributed? What can be visibly improved concerning the cinema’s premises? These are some of the questions which I have been confronted with in my work over and over again. Please do not hesitate to initiate contact with me if you wish to enhance and refresh your offer to your customers.. Oftentimes it’s the little things that make guests most happy and make them talk of “their cinema” - a movie theater which is unmistakably unique.