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Film critique

Reviewing, describing, advertising, creating interest for a film by concise sentences – with the growing amount of films being released it has become increasingly important for audiences to be able to quickly identify and classify a film. It is here where it is decided whether a title is soon forgotten or whether a visit to the cinema gets planned. I would like to take over editorial tasks for you and to administer the processing of your publications such as film guides, flyers etc.

»The major differences between television channels is still the weather.«Woody Allen


How is a film evaluated? What target audience is it aimed at? What are its strengths, what its weaknesses? Through my long membership with the jury of the “Deutsche Film und Medienbewertung (FBW)” I have considerable experience independently judging and evaluating films. I will evaluate your film from artistic and genre-specific points of view – in earlier phases of production (e.g. screenplay or rough cut framing) as well as for the final product. In doing so, I will give advice with regard to further procedure in order to place the film in (regional) cinemas or to find a distributor.



Be it PR concepts for arthouse cinemas, consultation for the release of films, acquisition of advertisements places (online and / or print), distribution of press releases, development of marketing concepts, editing film texts or the implementation of premiere events – movies need a specific measure of commitment in order for them to be perceived by the public. You are a director, film producer, distributor or cinema operator? Please contact me – I am looking forward to you and your project!